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Referring players is a great way to earn Bitcoin.


Why join our Affiliate Program?

  • Earn 20% revenue share (up to 30%, based on membership level)

  • Be part of the next generation of online Poker Game

  • Earn lifetime revenue on referred players

  • Instant cashout

  • Minimum withdraw balance is 10 mBTC

  • Full dedicated affiliate private office.


We give you all banners and links you need to promote the room on your website to earn money from actions of the affiliated players.

Any person aged 18 or older is eligible to become an affiliate partner. Advertise Poker BTC on the Internet or refer friends and earn money.

When you join our affiliate program, you will be supplied with a range of banners and textual links to place on a website. When a user clicks on one of your links, he is brought to our website and hisactivity is tracked by our affiliate software program. You will earn a reward based on your rate type.

When your affiliated players play Poker BTC, you will receive your comission. Our software solution allows you to view / edit players registered with your Bonus code only. Furthermore you are able to view player's transactions, games, tournaments, and sessions.

Affiliates have hierarchy levels and you could have your own set of affiliates. Our software solution allows you to manage your affiliates quickly and easily.

You may run into players who have never used Bitcoin before.

Help your friends, followers and other online communities understand the benefits of betting with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin advantages:

It is decentralized. No one can take your Bitcoins away from you or freeze your account, due to sheer absence of central regulating authority in the system. You own your money and control your transactions.
Your purchases are not taxed. Again, owing to absence of single central authority that would regulate Bitcoin transactions.


It is secure. Your payment information cannot be stolen away from you. Bitcoin transactions do not require any personal data to be submitted, thus protecting you from identity theft. And there can be no chargebacks – once sent, Bitcoins are gone. Sender cannot reverse his transaction which means fewer risks for merchants.


It gives you privacy. Since no personal information is attached to your Bitcoin wallet, people do not know who purchased what. At the same time it is transparent, meaning that anyone can find information on addresses and their balances in a public ledger.


It is time-saving. It does not matter where you are and where you want to transfer your coins to: be it an international transfer or a payment to your neighbours. With Bitcoin such transfer becomes close to instantaneous.


Low transaction fees. Since there are no middlemen in Bitcoin network, no one will charge you for anything. There might be fees for faster processing of transactions or conversion of bitcoins into fiat currency. Still, the costs are kept very low.


It is not subject to inflation. The number of Bitcoins to ever be issued is limited to 21 million and Bitcoin volume growth is predictable, so they cannot be churned out like fiat currencies and poured into economy.

Marketing your own website?

This can be a great platform for referring players and getting new users. That being said, managing a website is not easy.

We’ve got 5 tips to get you started:

Have a clear goal. Like any product, your site needs to have a clear purpose and mission. Explicitly define what that is before you take any other steps.


Generate traffic through content. Regardless of your website design, your viewable content should be the most important factor of your website when it comes to generating traffic.


  • Make sure you content is consistent with your set goals
  • Be proactive about finding related news/controversies/stories to talk about
  • Look to your users for ongoing feedback
  • Find other websites/bloggers/followers who will share your content
  • Find a popular blogger to guest post for you


Fast and seamless. Your site/blog should be operating at its optimum capacity so that it is easy for your users to navigate and access all of your important content.


Credibility. Will your followers listen to or value the opinion of your website? Are you the first one they go to during updates on big news/events? You can only build credibility if you consistently deliver on your goals and understand what your user base really wants.


Build relationships. Be prompt and personal when answering your users as they come first. Build trust and loyalty with your audience to gain the type of credibility that will keep them coming back and telling their friends. Create an engaging community that interacts with the website and with each other. A very simple example of that is the live chat option on our website.


Do you want to be our partner or do you have a question about affiliate program?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We'd like to hear from you.



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