Cash Game Points

Cash Game Points Rewards System (CGP)

The concept of our Cash Game Points system (CGPs) is simple.

You are awarded an equal amount of CGPs from your rake and tournament entry fees. You can use the points to buy-in in special tournaments.

Each 1 mBTC of cash game table rake is equal to 1 point. After the game points are shared equally between all participants. 1 mBTC of tournament entry fee equal 1 point. CGPs are non transferable.

Please Note: In all ring games, CGPs are credited at the end of your hand. Please do not leave until the hand has ended or you will not receive your CGPs for that hand.

Tournaments: In tournaments you earn CGPs based on your entry fee. You receive 1 CGP for every 1 mBTC paid in tournament entry fees.

Please Note: You will not receive CGPs for playing in “Play Money” or in “Free Roll” tournaments as we do not charge a fee.

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