Promotions Terms

VIP program

Your participation in the VIP Club program shall be deemed to constitute your full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1. Poker BTC VIP Club program membership and benefits are provided at the sole discretion of Poker BTC.

2. Poker BTC reserves the right to terminate or amend VIP Club program membership and benefits at its sole discretion and at any time.

3. Participation in the VIP Club program is subject to the terms, conditions and regulations of the program. Poker BTC reserves the right to modify, add or delete these program rules at any time with or without notice, though Poker BTC will attempt to provide reasonable notice in all instances as appropriate. You are encouraged to review these general Terms and Conditions and the other VIP pages on a regular basis in order to determine if Poker BTC has amended the provision.

4. Poker BTC retains the sole right to interpret and apply the VIP Club program rules.

5. Membership in the Poker BTC VIP Club program is free and available to individuals residing in countries where such membership is allowed. Participation in some countries may be prohibited by local law.

6. Only individuals are eligible for membership in the VIP Club program. Only the individual named in the Poker BTC account may play under that account.

7. Membership is offered at the discretion of Poker BTC. Poker BTC may deny membership to any applicant. Any such decision to deny membership shall not be open to appeal or review.

8. VIP Status may not be transferred, bartered, sold or traded in any way.

9. Any abuse of the program or failure to follow program rules may result in the termination of membership.

10. Poker BTC's general Terms of Service also apply to the VIP Club program.

11. Decisions of Poker BTC's staff and management about any aspect of the VIP Club program will be final.


Poker BTC is offering VIP status for the first poker players. The level It is assigned in the order of comments on Facebook. The comment must contain user name of poker player and the words “awsome” “new” and “poker” also players must make a minimum (100 mBTC) deposit to be eligible.

First Deposit Bonus promotion

1. Each player has 60 days since registration to make a deposit and activate bonus. Up to three first deposits take part in promotion. Each deposit activates separate bonus, which must be cleared within 120 days since deposit made.

2. To clear a bonus, player must earn Cash Game Points. Each 1 mBTC of cash game table rake is equal to 6 points. After the game points are shared equally between all participants. 1 Cash Game Point is equal to 0.04 mBTC of bonus cleared. The more you play, the more points you receive.

3. Bonus is cleared and released by parts, 10 mBTC each. Bonus for each deposit is cleared separately: before first deposit bonus is not cleared, player cannot start clearing the second or the third.

4. Each player may receive up to 1 BTC as a promotion bonus. Player may split the bonus by making three small deposits within this limit or make 1 BTC deposit at once.

5. Every deposit you make in Pokercoin you can only withdraw it in Pokercoin.

Bad Beat Jackpot

Players can win Bad Beat Jackpot only at high stake “Jackpot” tables. 10% of rake at the jackpot tables accumulates as jackpot. Players are eligible to win the posted Jackpot amount. Such amount will be updated once every gaming day. In order to collect any Bad Beat Jackpot payout, proper ID will be required. To eligible to win the jackpot should be completed the following conditions:

1. A player should lose with a hand not less than three aces.

2. Accumulated amount of the jackpot is not less than 100.

3. Loser and winner use both pocket cards for high combination.

4. There must be 3 active players in the hand to qualify for the jackpot.

Jackpot distribution is as follows:

Loser gets 80% of the jackpot
The Winner of the hand will receive: 10%
The other participants of the hand will receive divided equally: 5%
Roll over for the next jackpot: 2%
Administrative fee: 3%

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